Want to be the host with the most?

The spotlight is on you. You’re the host with the most and you know it. Here’s your chance to show off a little. You’re the owner of Cape Town’s hottest new venue, most luxurious lounge and trendiest hangout.

And now you have the chance to not only tell everyone about it – but show them.


Make yourself at home.

The chefs are cooking up a storm and your guests are mingling. Now is the time to take them through your exclusive venue. Don’t be afraid to show off a bit – the floor is (literally) yours to show your guests why you’re the best of the best.


And don’t spare the horses.

Well, try keep them out of the kitchen. From an after-dinner tour of your private villa, drinks on the patio or a walk through your luxurious garden, we’re the leaving the bag of tricks to you. Why? Because you know best and entertaining is your passion.


If you're ready to open your home to us, Contact Us or Request an Invitation