Do you love to eat?

Then, you'll be happy we're here. Imagine an exclusive dinner like never before. Sit, share, network, enjoy. This taste adventure is all about you. We work with top chefs and young, rising stars from kitchens around the world.

Since our inception in early 2013, SecretEATS has been bringing together adventurous food lovers and incredible chefs in unique, unexpected and unbelievable locations.


Where are we having dinner tonight?

Well, you won't know until the morning of your Secret evening the exact location but you'll find us popping up regularly in South Africa, The Netherlands and a few US cities in early 2016. From Cape Town, Joburg and Durban to Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam, we're hard to miss once you're in on the Secret. To see our full list of cities and Request your Private Invitation to join us, click here.


Ready for an adventure?

We know you're going to bring your appetite and your taste buds, too. And, we hope you're in the mood for something of a taste adventure. Our Secret chefs have been preparing a social dining experience for our dinner table that promises to surprise and delight you, no matter where we end up having dinner.


Sharpen those knives and forks.

And get it while it’s hot. What you’ll soon find on the table in front of you is a presentation of culinary creativity – a fresh, new range of unique dishes prepared exclusively for you. And while you tuck in, meet kindred spirits, other outgoing foodies and incredible new people.


The night is young and so are you.

Wasn’t dinner just amazing? You’ve met the most daring culinary cuisiners on a whirlwind taste adventure. Now the night is yours to meet up with old friends or hit the town with your new ones. And when the clock strikes twelve, there’s no need to fret. The only pumpkin you’ll see is in the kitchen. We won’t forget you. You’re on our guest list and that’s where you’ll stay. Don’t worry about a thing.


We know you're hungry. Pull up a chair and Request your Private Invitation or Contact Us and we'll get right back to you.