Are you a creative culinary genius?

Present your menu. Step up to the plate. Prepare the freshest dishes. Can you handle the heat? Step into our kitchen. Out of the frying pan and onto the finest china, silver platters and soon the mouths of your most adoring fans.

SecretEATS is your chance to showcase your skills, talent and personality as an up and coming chef. You’re in the driver’s seat of the freshest experience Cape Town’s dining scene has to offer. And we’re setting you loose on the highway.


Did we mention the kitchen is all yours?

You’re calling the shots. Present a unique menu of your creation to the most select group of guests and hosts you’ve ever served. Coordinate the kitchen and cook up a storm – you set the courses, entrees, desserts and everything in between. It’s your world and we’re all eating in it. You have the opportunity to show off your culinary artistry in some of Cape Town’s most beautiful venues. Team up with a host for the evening and set yourself apart from other chefs.


Don’t be shy now.

Take the time to know your guests. Meet, greet and network with the best food writers, bloggers and events managers at the table while they enjoy a coffee and something sweet to conclude the best dinner they’re sure to remember. Join the family of our valued cuisiniers that will be recognised and spoken about for weeks after your guests have enjoyed your talent.


Think you have what it takes to cook in our kitchen? Contact Us or Request an Invitation.